Scandi Christmas Wreath


Scandi style wreath with exposed moss, filled with an abundance of eucalyptus and pine, creating a stylish and natural Christmas wreath.  All fresh and handmade with a velvet ribbon to complete the look.  This wreath looks and smells amazing.


The popular Scandi style wreath.  Filled with an abundace of scented  pine, fir and and especially eucalyptus helping to create this natural and stylish wreath. Finished off with velvet ribbon to create a little bit of that Christmas warmth and luxury.

This  wreath comes in a copper frame moss filled wreath frame which is partially left exposed to create this Scandi style.  It is available in various sizes.

Please note that as each wreath is made to order and we are working with natural materials, products will vary slightly from images.

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12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch


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